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我们经过10年的WEB体系研究,具备成熟的网站整体解决方案,360度网络品牌策 略, 分析互联网现状,定位互联网规划目标,为不同客户创造适合自己的互联网形 象。 创新品牌唯一是我们设计团队的宗旨,出众的设计精英,专注于互联网人机交 互与用户体验, 完整的传达用户的个性和彰显风格。





The SUNGSDER design team to provide you with the most suitable project design;; technology projects by experienced

design team, conduct planning, implementation, development, testing, before and after the end of the development program will be

customized for all projects, to do everything possible eliminate redundant code, so that the interaction is simple and efficient;

you need to tell us the rest is waiting to receive timely completion of the project.


页面的设计与开发应当根据用户行为以及设备环境(系统平台、屏幕尺寸、屏幕定向等)进行相应的响应和调整。 具体的实践方式由多方面组成,包括弹性网格和布局、图片、CSS media query的使用等。无论用户正在使用 笔记本还是iPad,页面都应该能够自动切换分辨率、图片尺寸及相关脚本功能等,以适应不同设备;响应式网 页设计就是一个网站能够兼容多个终端——而不是为每个终端做一个特定的版本。

Fully responsive design

Pc Browser: IE8+, 360, Safari, Chrome, Sogou, Firefox.Mobile Browser: Chrome, Safari, UC, QQ...
The layout adapts to the Screen size of whatever devices your visitors are using, looking great from a desktop view down to a smaller mobile resolution.

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